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I'm a vivacious, natural redhead. Wanderlust, coffee aficionado, drinker of delicious wine, vegan and human rights activist. Oh yeah - and an amateur porn star, so I am sex positive and feminist as fuck! I constantly crave humor and witty banter.

Height: 5”7.5"

Hair Color: Red

Eyes Color: Green

Boobs: Natural 32B

Waist: 26"

Hips: 32"

About Me

Frequently Asked Questions
These are answers to some questions I get asked on a near daily basis

What kind of videos do you make?

I love having fun with my content and always welcome ideas for future videos! I offer boy/girl and solo, blow jobs, facials, sex, paddling, dildo fucking, strip tease, role playing, costumes and wigs, foot fetish, public outdoor, shower/bath, body oiling, panty stuffing, humping, and more!

Do you offer custom videos?

Absolutely! It doesn't guarantee that I will do anything you ask me to do. But please don't be shy - be as specific as possible about what you want, and I will let you know if I am comfortable doing it. Customs are $4/minute.

Can I make a video with you?


Can I take you out?

Possibly. I am willing to go on dates (for a price) on a case by case basis. This would be a per hour arrangement, or an agreed upon fee. There will be absolotely no sexual interaction on these dates! That is non negotiable - and they will only take place in public locations.

Are you single?

Nope. I'm happily married & monogamous!

How did you get into porn?

I have always been incredibly sex positive (I even used to teach sex education). There is a market for sex just like there is for any work that requires our bodies! I had a few friends in the business, and decided to try it out myself!

Is this work easy money?

Hell no! You need to learn lighting, editing, camera work, effects, graphics, advertising, promoting, keep up with social media regularly, and more. There is no "just hit record and fuck" in this business. Plus, it is a saturated market creating lots of competition.

How can I get into the porn business?

I get asked this question so often. Do your research! Google is your friend. But if you want my honest advice and wisdom, I will give it to you - FOR A FEE!

Why should I pay for porn if I can get it for free?

Paying for porn with someone like me lets you get to know and chat with the star. It's a much more personal & exciting experience. Not only that, but porn artists work incredibly hard to get you off. This is our job and we deserve to be paid for it. Also, the majority of the porn you are viewing for free is known to be stolen/pirated. Please respect our work and pay us for it!

How much to fuck?

I have the utmost respect for my colleague who are full service sex workers. I just don't happen to be one of them. So we cannot have sex no matter what price you offer me.

What's the craziest thing you've ever been asked to do?

Please don't fucking ask me that. It's not only none of your business, but I respect my customers and would not divulge their kinks and fantasies for your random pleasure.

How many tattoos do you have?

Too many to count.

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